WOWOOO: Serious Growth On Google Shopping

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Improvement in MoM Conv. Rate


Boost in Revenue Month-over-Month


More Transactions from Shopping ads


Month-over-Month ROAS Increase



Founded in 2005 and family-owned to this day based in Cornwall UK, WOWooO offers a wide range of meticuously sourced goods from Outoor and Sporting Goods, Home & Garden, and even Christmas lighting and ornaments. Their trademark is attributed to the family parrot of all things, as it would exclaim 'WOW' and 'woo' when excited.

Owner Robin Burton had been struggling to find the right solution to help grow their business through Google Shopping ads. Originally planning to use our app on their own, Robin instead has continued with managed services due to the amazing results.

"I spent a long time looking for a cost-effective solution to help us with our Google Shopping Ads before coming across Sales & Orders. My original plan was to use Sales & Orders software as a DIY solution with a managed couple of months to get us set up. However, it has been so successful with Rich managing it for us we have continued to use the managed option."

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Robin Burton

The Challenges

Standing out in a very noisy market without sacrificing profitability
Competitive Space

WOWooO's entire product line all fell into some of the more competitive segments in search

Budget Concerns

Without a huge marketing budget, WOWooO had struggled to find the right campaign structure

Top Performers

Product-level insight was hard to come by and made it more difficult to isolate revenue drivers

How we brought the results

A very attentive account manager who designed unique campaign strategies
  • Out of the gate segmentation by key devices exposed the winners and losers
  • Incorporating product-level margin and cost metrics into custom campaigns to boost performance
  • Using SKU-level analytics to identify key products within specific brands and emphasizing spend on those segments
  • Hyper-focused optimization for WOWooO's top-most performing product line helped to grow top-line revenue without overspending
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"Our website sales have grown massively and it is great to have Rich monitoring it and helping us with new campaigns. Highly recommended!"

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