Capture more store visitors with high purchase intent at a lower cost-to-convert

Attract qualified shoppers and grow sales

Sales & Orders includes advanced features that enable retailers and search marketers to further capitalize on the already, highly relevant traffic steam that is Google Shopping. Shopping campaigns have proven to be one of the fastest, most cost-effective solutions for generating consistent traffic and revenue for e-commerce businesses.

Why Google Shopping
Search market share

Recent statistics put Google at the forefront of search engine marketing and advertising. In the US alone, Google accounts for over 60% of all searches performed online. Of the trillions of searches performed each day, 35% of consumers start their purchase journey on Google. This has made Google Shopping the go-to for online retailers looking to tap into the largest pool of online consumers using search engines to shop online.

More powerful than text

The unique composition of a Google Shopping ad is designed specifically for attracting today’s shopper and Shopping Ads themselves can appear in three distinct locations on Google. We analyzed thousands of retailer campaigns and found that not only were Shopping campaigns over 73% more cost-effective than text ads, they also led to eight times higher returns-on-ad-spend and generated nearly 230% more traffic for retailers.

Google Shopping Ads
Encourage repeat shoppers

With powerful Remarketing tools such as RLSA and Dynamic Remarketing, store owners can turn previous store visitors into repeat business. Using Remarketing Lists for Shopping Ads, you can define specific audiences to retarget and then trigger your Shopping Ads to the very same visitors, right within Google search. Research has shown that retailers using RLSA as a Remarketing tactic experience on average 10% more conversions than those who don’t.

Get them on-the-go

With the right strategy in place, your Shopping Ads can beat out the competition with extensions such as Google Customer Reviews and Merchant Promotions. That’s not all though. Google has enhanced the Mobile shopping experience making Shopping Ads more prominent than ever before. Shopping Ads on Mobile devices and smartphones have shown to not only have higher ROAS than other devices, but clicks on these ads are often as much as nine times less expensive.

Google Shopping Remarketing
Now you can win at Google Shopping, all from one place

Management Software for Google Shopping helps you save time, boost efficiency, and scale your marketing efforts with advanced tools and features. Our cloud-based technology can be accessed from anywhere day or night so you can wake up and see what converted yesterday, check in at lunch to adjust some bids, and end your day with some negative keyword implementation.

Full granularity

Sales & Orders is the only platform that can create and structure Shopping campaigns at the most granular, ID-level within just a few easy-to-follow steps. With the ideal structure in place, our DIY retailers have been able to increase their YoY revenue by over 100% and virtually eliminate time-consuming, arduous manual tasks with features like Advanced Product Filters and Auto-Build Ad Groups.

Bid with confidence

One of the most complex aspects to managing Google Shopping campaigns comes down to knowing when, how, and why to update Max CPC bids. Our Bid Suggestion Engine takes out the guesswork and provides unique, performance-driven bid recommendations for each and every product in a campaign. Within just a few clicks, bids can be pushed to AdWords regardless of the size of your catalog.

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