Two Pet Dragons + A Love For Animals = Incredible Results

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Huds & Toke

What do you get when you mix a whole lot of love, two pet dragons, and a now multi-award-winning business idea? That's Huds & Toke for you! Founded by Russel and Emma Gibbons, Huds & Toke is on a mission to design, create, and manufacture the absolute best pet treats that Australia can offer. Inspired by their sons' imaginary pet dragons, aptly named Huds & Toke, and an unmatched fondness for pets and animals, Russell and Emma have built a company where every pet treat is designed specifically for the animal it is made for with natural ingredients and are made to the highest quality.

Sales and Orders

“We lacked the expertise in-house to accomplish our online sales and marketing goals. We spoke with a number of professional advisors of which Sales & Orders were one. However, they were the only ones to show genuine interest in our goals whilst presenting a clear passion for their own business and expertise.”

Russell & Emma Gibbons Owners,

The Challenges: No distinct online presence and a lot of questions on how to get there

No Presence Though an amazing brand, Huds & Toke was nowhere to be found on vital digital shelf space

Lots of Questions Without in-house marketing expertise, Russell and Emma weren't sure of the right plan and path

Competitive Market Pet products and supplies is one of the most saturated and competitive verticals online today

What made it work

It really came down simply putting people first

  • Unmatched, high quality pet treats
  • Their Account Manager Rich, a fellow animal lover, gave it his all
  • Expertly built and managed Shopping campaigns revealed vital data for future optimization
  • Using Shopping campaign data to make strategic optimizations by leveraging Dynamic Search Ad campaigns

“With their guidance, we have exceeded our marketing and online sales goals at every level and will continue to use these professionals to grow our business moving into the future.”