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Reach more customers when they're shopping on Facebook and Instagram
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A full, end-to-end solution for Facebook & Instagram

Generate your catalog and begin advertising without missing a beat
Facebook Product Ad Campaigns

Available for any ecommerce platform or solution, we’ll use your store or file upload’s product data to build the necessary Catalog for use in Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

Facebook Product Ads Targeting

Quickly, and easily, build your first campaign and set up initial targeting settings such as budgeting, age and location, and other demographic configurations like gender.

Facebook Product Ads Analytics

Dedicated ad campaign performance reporting dashboards and segment breakdowns allow you to keep track of your overall account health. Anytime. Anywhere.

Facebook & Instagram go hand-in-hand to drive greater results

With our direct platform integration, you are but a few steps away from extending your reach via Facebook and Instagram.
As a full, end-to-end solution, our app not only builds your Product Catalog but also allows to manage and analyze your campaigns.

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Dual API
Catalogs are kept in constant sync so your product data remains up-to-date and healthy

Free Chat Support
Contact us via live chat directly in-app for help with your account when you need it most

Easy Setup
Our onboarding wizards guide you through the entire catalog and campaign setup process

Refined Targeting
Attract new customers with hyper-focused targeting such as via demographics and interests

3-Stage Audience Targeting done for you by our app

Sales & Orders builds the three, key audience targets that are best suited for retail dynamic product ads on Facebook and Instagram. Your Prospecting segment targets your primary audience while Retargeting engages with previous shoppers. Lookalike audiences help to reach more shoppers, even those you didn't know were the right fit.

Rely on the power of Facebook's Machine Learning

Dynamic Product Ads free up your time to focus on your business by using Facebook's AI to deliver ads only to your top-most shopper segments. With no arduous cost per click or other complex bidding practices to follow, all you need to do is get set up and then just let Facebook's powerful Machine Learning algorithms do the rest.

Extensive analytics and reporting features

Anytime, anywhere access allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your campaign performance
Reporting Dashboard

“While the return on ad spend alone has been absolutely impressive, our account manager's customization has proven to deliver even as we have just gotten started.”

BB Wheels
Dean Goebel
President, CFO, COO - BB Wheels Online

Quick-tab between Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad data sets

Managing bids and adding new products to Shopping campaigns can take away from developing nuanced strategies for increasing your returns.

With Sales & Orders, you can design custom automation rules for handling these often time-consuming, arduous tasks. Build unique rules for Google and Bing and set them to target campaigns or ad groups, run only based on specific criteria, and only using select date range activity.

Quick Tabs
Product Variants

Drill down to the most granular layers of your performance

You can skip over the arduous task of manually mapping your product variants such as for color and size. Our app picks up these attributes from the source and attaches them to your products automatically.

With this vital data sent out across your channels, often required for select product types, your product ads have a better chance of triggering for the long-tail search by today's shoppers.

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