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List your products on Google’s online marketplace
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What is Shopping Actions?

Shopping Actions is a unique retail program at Google that allows merchants to list their products on Google Express which leverages smart technologies like Google Assistant so shoppers can discover and purchase products no matter where or how they shop online

For Shoppers

Search, discover, and purchase products using smart devices like Google Home

For Merchants

Expand the reach of your brand exposure by selling on Google's online marketplace

Shopping Actions and Google Express

Why sell on Google Express?

Help make your shoppers' journeys to you more seamless

  • Voice-enabled shopping with products like Google Home
  • Instant checkout and a universal shopping cart on Express
  • Shoppers can simplify checkout with saved payment credentials
  • One-time buyers become loyal repeat customers with 1-click reordering

Don't go it alone. Get the initial help you need

We’re well versed in all things Shopping actions, including the requirements for submitting and optimizing the necessary product feed in Merchant Center
Using our free product feed tool, you can get started on your own and even modify your feed to make order processing a little easier for your fulfillment team.

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Google API
Feeds run through our platform are sent to your Merchant Center account via Google's Content API

Free Tier 1 Support
Contact us via phone, email, or live chat for help with your feed during regular office hours

Issue Escalation
As a Premier Partner our access top-tier Google techs gets you some elevated support as needed

Modify Products
Implement specific attribute modifications to better understand orders passed back by Google

Shopping Actions Feed Management

Have one of our specialists take care of your product feed for you
Feed Submission

We’ll take over the submission of your feed and monitor its processing status. Upon review of the feed, a plan is developed to support any needed corrections

Diagnostics Check-In

A Specialist reviews the feed diagnostics returned by Google and maps out key steps to correct any errors, adjust invalid data, and/or make necessary modifications

Error Reconciliation

Specialized modifications specifically for Shopping Actions are developed and implemented via our app's tools to resolve errors, product disapprovals, and add attributes

Catalog Control

Work with your specialist to develop an inventory plan and they'll write rules to include or exclude specific products from not being sent in the Shopping Actions feed

Earn great perks as a Top Retailer on Google Express

Google evaluates and grades retailers based on key fulfillment standards such as item defect, shipping defect rate, gross sales, and total orders

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Google Express, Shopping Actions Top Retailers
Greater Visibility on Google

Top Retailers qualify for a 15% discount on commissions paid to Google on select orders

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