How to install our Shopify Google Shopping App

Currently, our older app version is still listed in Shopify's App Store. Please follow these easy directions to install our LATEST VERSION for your store

To get started, log into your Shopify stores admin page.

Shopify Step 1

Next, paste the link below into a new tab in the same browser window, and replace the "mystore" portion with your store name as it is found listed in your Shopify-Managed Domains.

Note: when you input your store name you must ensure it matches exactly how its presented in Shopify-Managed Domains. Since it's common that the primary domain and Shopify-Managed Domain to be different, we suggest double checking to ensure accuracy. 

Shopify Step 2

To Find Your Shopify-Managed Domain Listing
Follow the Steps Below

First, find the Online Store subsection underneath Sales Channels and click on it to reveal its options.

Shopify-Managed Domain Step 1

Next, click on Domains to open this page.

Shopify-Managed Domain Step 2

Find the section titled "Shopify-Managed Domains," copy and paste the portion of the URL that comes before the portion. In this example, you would copy survivalkitwarehouse and insert it into the permissions link to begin downloading.

Note: you must take the Shopify-Managed Domain name exactly as it appears other wise the installation will fail. There are situations where hyphens break up the words in the domain. Do not remove them if they are present.

Shopify-Managed Domain Step 3

Once you've entered the correct name into the permission URL
Continue with the installation of the app

Once you've adjusted the URL and hit enter, you'll be taken to a Shopify permissions page, where you will be asked if you want to install the Sales & Orders app to your store. This is necessary since we aren't listed in the app store.

Click Install Unlisted App on the bottom of the page to complete installation.

Shopify Step 3 Still need help?
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