SEO Content Marketer – You’ve done SEO, content creation, and distribution at scale for software product companies before and you know a solid blog is just the beginning.

As our SEO Content Marketer, you’ll be immediately taking over the responsibility to restructure, maintain and grow our online outreach to prospective and current customers through various content channels including: Corporate Blog, Social Media, Email, Website, In App and more. Equally important to creating meaningful and compelling content, is being able to report results back to the team with KPIs as well dive deep in weeds when needed to better understand outliers. 

We have a super casual work environment, but we take our work and culture super seriously. Here are the few deal breakers.

  • You must LOVE working with a team and as a team.
  • You must lead by example, and this means leading by doing, teaching, and learning more.
  • You must be able to write original content in multiple styles based on desired outcome (Technical, SEO, Conversion, Concise)
  • You must be extremely well versed in how to optimize content for SEO and conversions
  • You must be extremely organized and able to produce content on report on results on time

We have a flat but focused org chart…

Unlike most agencies with nebulous roles and more captains than sailors roaming around, we have focused roles for every individual with little overlap but plenty of leeway in each role. As the SEO Content Marketer you would be generating, distributing and reporting on the impact of all of our content. Upstream you only need to report to one person, our Co-Founder / Head of Product. As we continue to grow you’ll be directly involved in determining any additional resources (people and processes) you’d need as well as input in the direction of our software platform.

We share the workload. . .

We work in open team rooms; no cubicles or private offices. Communication is key to our process, and we don’t want to hinder it with walls. When working remotely you are only a Slack message or Google Hangout away from your teammates.

No running around…

Everything happens in one place at our Hicksville, NY HQ. There are a few in person client meetings but they always take place at our office, with 99% of client interactions taking place via email, phone or conference call.

We are agile…

Agile methodologies mean different things to different people. For us, the most important part of Agile is doing what works best for the team. We keep the team in sync with daily meetings and have a retrospective to discuss things that are going well and opportunities for improvements. We’re pragmatic, not dogmatic. Although we have strong opinions, we’re never afraid to try to new things to see if they work and reconsider our positions if the situation warrants it.

We value our people…

  • We cover any hardware, software or services you need to get the job done, or grow your abilities
  • Make your own hours and time off, just make them work for the team
  • Catered lunches on long haul days

Think you’ve got something to contribute to our exceptional team? We’d like to hear from you!

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