Our Commitment to your Data

We prioritize the privacy and security of your information

Security & Privacy Measures

Physical Security

All servers that house client data and information are hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS provides industry standard protections for their facilities.
More information can be found here:
AWS Security Whitepaper | AWS Data Center Controls


All communications with our servers are via HTTPS/SSL. All client data is stored in an encrypted format while at rest.

Data Usage

Client data is solely for the use of the client who owns that specific data. We do use anonymized aggregate data on occasion. We take our clients business information very seriously and would not share it with any third parties.

Data Privacy

Each individual client has their own data store, one client cannot see another’s data, without express invitation to that account. All our systems live behind firewalls.

Data Recovery

All our hardware is redundant and backed up. We take daily snapshots of all data, additionally all of the data we use is generated by advertising platforms, so we can always process it all again if required. We have never had an instance of lost client data or downtime due to hardware failure.

Data Ownership

All client data is solely owned by the client. When you delete your account, all data we have gathered or processed on your behalf will be deleted as well. All access is logged and monitored.

Integrated Services

All communications with third parties use industry standard communication protocols, including but not limited to Google OAuth2.

Privacy Policy & GDPR Compliance

Please see: Salesandorders Privacy Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the data we have stored in your platform?

You do! Everything from campaign performance stats to account IDs, users and customers do and always will own their data. Your data is utilized solely to power our platforms capabilities. We DO NOT EVER share your personal or financial data outside our "walls".

Can my data be extracted from the platform?

Absolutely! Throughout our software there are various export tools for extracting your data. Only your login credentials or authorized users are able to access this data export.

How should we contact you should we have any questions or require assistance with our data/data storage?

Simply email us via our Support channel: Support@SalesandOrders.com

What is your commitment to our data storage and security?

Beyond our adherence to the strictest of technical and non-technical security measures (see above), as a Google Premier Partner we are recognized for our commitment to both privacy and transparency. We are also fully equipped to support GDPR compliance including the "right to be forgotten" and include self-use subscription removal on all marketing email communications.

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