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Use Competitive Intelligence to own the buy box

With real-time analytics and customizable rules, you can ensure your product offers are always the most attractive when reaching shoppers on the digital shelf space.


  • Up to 100 GTIN
  • Monthly Syncing
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  • Up to 100 GTIN
  • Weekly Syncing
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  • Up to 100 GTIN
  • Daily Syncing
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*No Trialing: Repricing is not currently supported as part of Free Trials. If currently in a Free Trial, you must complete the 15-day period to be able to access the Repricer.


Own the digital shelf space in your retail vertical

Leverage your competitors' true data to reprice your products in real time
Shopping Campaign Analytics Platform


While we'd love to be able to offer a Free Trial for Repricing, due to the way that our app interacts with the Pricing API it is simply not possible at this time. While you can trial other tools and features such as Feeds or Feeds & Channels, note that you must complete a 30-day free trial prior to being able to access the Repricing tool set.
Absolutely! Right from the app's billing settings you can opt to upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel your Repricing plan. You can also choose to swap a less frequent sync cycle with a more frequent option and vice versa. You will retain access to features and tools within the Repricer for any time remaining per your last bill date.
With respect only to the Repricer, you may opt to have your products synced with the Pricing API either Monthly, Weekly, or Daily. These syncs will also import new competitors when there are GTIN matches. This syncing is fully automated and occurs in the background. As you opt for more frequent syncing, the pricing and pricing tiers increase.
A valid credit card is required to gain access to Sales & Orders and we accept all major credit card providers. If you are using S&O for both Feeds and Channels, do note that your total plan cost is the combination of each tier subscription. Please note that all Shopify billing is handled by Shopify so invoices and payments will appear on your general Shopify billing summary.
GTIN or Global Trade Item Number is a general term that encompasses unique product identifiers including UPC, EAN, JAN, and ISBN. When these values exist for your products, our app imports them per product from your ecommerce platform or imported feed. You can then use Feed Rules in the Feed Tool to include only specific products for Repricing. Without rules, the Repricer will default to using a random set of the number of GTINs alotted by your selected plan level.
Absolutely! 100% free, no strings attached - and for Channel plans you also get Free Training with an S&O specialist! You can get in touch with our team via Live Chat, Email, and Phone during regular office hours Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm EST. For after hours support simply leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we are available again!
We most certainly can! We charge a one-time setup fee where we do all the hard work for you. You can also check out our Managed Services to see the full scope of what our experts can do to help you grow your ecommerce business online!

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