Q1 2017 Google Shopping Report
Q1 2017 US Google Shopping Growth Analysis Report

Following what was arguably one of the most successful holiday seasons in the history of the ecommerce industry, the 1st quarter of 2017 made a splash of its own with continued year over year growth for businesses all over the world using Sales & Orders. A major contributor to this sustained upward trend is the (what seems to be) never ending explosion of mobile device ecommerce traffic and conversions. Overall, we’re seeing increased web traffic and increased profits while maintaining/decreasing the overall amount spent.

YoY PLA Clicks Increased

YoY PLA Impressions Increased

YoY Ad Spend

YoY PLA Revenue Increased

More Exposure Has Created More Revenue

Over the course of the last year, vendors saw quite a dramatic increase in revenue while only increasing their ad spend by a nominal 3%. A major key to this success is the tremendous jump in visibility to potential customers.

Overall, Shopping Ads were clicked on nearly 800,000 more times and were seen over a mind-boggling 56 million more times than they were during Q1 of 2016. And while all of these numbers have continued to rise dramatically, the average cost per click has declined by 10%. As Google Shopping becomes more prevalent in everyday web browsing, retailers can expect these figures to continue to steadily rise along.

YoY Desktop Conversions Increased

YoY Mobile Conversions Increased

YoY Tablet Conversions Increased

YoY Overall ROAS Increased

Desktop Is Still King, But Tablets Are Gunning For The Crown

While desktops have consistently been the leader in driving online consumer activity, tablets have steadily been climbing towards the top of the retail shopping world. In the first quarter of 2017, over 600,000 clicks were driven to retail sites via tablet along with nearly 12,000 conversions, which represents a fairly dramatic uptick from the same period in 2016.

However, desktops remain at the top of the totem pole, representing nearly 50% of the total traffic, driving over 2.2 million clicks and nearly 80,000 total conversions. With this continued growth in tablet sourced traffic and conversions, retailers will be sure to take note and begin targeting this valuable and ever growing sector of consumers.

YoY Tablet Ad Spend Increased

YoY Tablet Clicks Increased

YoY Tablet CPC Decreased

YoY Tablet Revenue Increased

Tablets Are Going for Gold

As previously stated, the meteoric rise of tablets as a driver of traffic has led to outstanding results for retailers around the world. While the total amount spent rose a bit, the average CPC dropped nearly 10% and the revenue created via tablets rose by over 630%.

Retailers have begun targeting these consumers with higher bids on PLAs for tablets as well as improving their websites to be more responsive and mobile friendly. As more and more consumers continue to include their tablets and mobile devices in their shopping habits, traffic and revenue will only continue to grow.

The key is reaching the people who are purchasing from you or looking to purchase from a company like you and staying with them across all their devices. Overall, retailers have gotten much more efficient with this platform as indicated by the cost per click dropping by nearly 10%.

YoY Mobile PLA Clicks Increased

YoY Mobile Ad Spend Increased

YoY Mobile Conversions Increased

YoY Mobile CPC Increased

Smart Phones Remain the Mobile Device of Choice

Not to be overlooked, smart phones have remained a powerhouse platform for retailers. In the first quarter alone, over 3 million clicks were driven by PLAs to retail websites and they were seen over 235 million times. Although cost did rise, conversions and total traffic exploded by a whopping 198% and 1,044% respectively.

Numbers like these are sure to turn heads, and the retailers are taking note of the importance of reaching these folks where they are. As Google Shopping continues to improve the online retail experience, the importance of presence across all platforms can’t be understated.

YoY Do-It-Yourself Conversions Increased

YoY Do-It-Yourself Revenue Increased

YoY Do-It-Yourself Cost-To-Convert Decreased

YoY Do-It-Yourself ROAS Increased

When All Else Fails, DIY

Q1 2017 was a period of exponential year over year growth for retailers across Google Shopping. This improvement is very evident amongst Sales & Orders DIY clients, who use our software to achieve their sales goals. They drove over a quarter million clicks from PLAs to retail websites, and were viewed nearly 40 million times.

Even more impressive is the fact that their cost to convert dropped substantially while revenues went through the roof, totaling over 1.3 million dollars. With such a strong start to 2017, DIY customers can certainly expect more success throughout the rest of the year and into the future.

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