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Our team has been working with Magento store owners for years to managing and optimizing their feeds

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Upload your existing file-version or url-stored product feed directly to our award-winning platform

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“Their team has leveraged their very own software to take us far beyond what we ever expected, and one of the best parts of it all is being able to log into their platform and see everything at a glance. We can monitor our feed and our campaign performance all from one place, freeing us up to focus more on growing our business as a whole."

Doug Root
President, Atlanta Light Bulbs

All your feeds in one place

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Product Level Shopping Campaigns

Whether your sending products to one channel or all of them, you can remain synced to feed approval statuses and fetch times. Monitor your feed health for spikes in disapprovals or errors and quickly work to resolve them. Easily switch between channels using color-coded charts and even queue up ad hoc feed fetches when you need to most.

Shopping Campaign Filters

Maintaining the health and approval statuses of your feeds can be quite the daunting task, but our app makes that a total breeze. Switch over to the Issues tab to review account level, product level, and even API level diagnostics of all your feeds. Work quickly to resolve feed errors or data missives by exporting issues and working backwards to correct things at the source.

Shopping Campaign Automation

Using the Add/Remove Products tool you can take full control over your master feed inventory and only send your most desirable products to your channels. Combine filters with bulk removal uploads to reduce the time it takes to make overall changes to your catalog size. You can also queue up manual product syncs with your ecommerce platform right from the dashboard.

Product Variants

Product variants in a snap

You can skip over the arduous task of manually mapping your product variants such as for color and size. Our app picks up these attributes from the source and attaches them to your products automatically.

With this vital data sent out across your channels, often required for select product types, your product ads have a better chance of triggering for the long-tail search by today's shoppers.

Map categories in bulk

Product categories help to not only enhance your listings, but also provide an efficient way to structure campaigns for Google and Bing Shopping.

Our app utilizes your source data and allows you to quickly search for appropriate categories and map entire sets of products to their respective groupings. The changes you make are then shipped out to your channels automatically.

Category Mapping

Add-ons that don’t cost an arm and a leg

Power up your account with affordable premium features
Advanced Modify

Choose from over 30 attributes to alter and/or customize


Create additional feeds targeting other countries

Error Resolution

Resolve feed errors and input required missing data points

Append Text

Append valuable key terms to product Titles & Descriptions


Alter invalid attributes without changing source code data

Data Extractor

Copy data from one attribute and apply it where missing

Promotion IDs

Apply Promotion IDs to products with simple rules

Product Type

Build your own unique tree to help improve ad relevance

Custom Labels

Build a Custom Label strategy for grouping products

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