Feed Manager


Product Feed Management That Drives Growth

Easily connect your store to the top advertising channels.

optimize your product data and ensure your feeds remain issue free so your ads can always perform their best.

Feed Optimization Tools That Drive Results

Profitable Shopping campaigns start with an optimized product feed. The Sales & Orders Product Data Feed tool can help you manage your feed like an expert and build a solid foundation for Shopping campaigns in Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook and more.

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Improve your shopping ads' performance with data feed optimization rules. With Sales & Orders, you can modify any available attribute in your product data feed to improve visibility in search results. And automation ensures that your rules will continue to apply to any new products added to your catalog without wasting time manually readjusting.

Enrich Your Product Data

Actionable Diagnostics

Proactively review product issues in Google, Microsoft, & Facebook. Understand why your products are disapproved so you can adjust and keep more of your products active. With the Sales & Orders product feed management solution you can review these issues quickly, and with the help of one-click filtering, you can better organize your workflow.

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Easily connect your store to new ad channels or new target countries. When you’re ready to bring your products to new places, the Sales & Orders feed management platform will help you do it. Our system can build you compliant feeds you can manage for Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more in minutes.

Grow Your Audience

Product Category Mapping

Improve your product visibility with Google’s full product taxonomy Although Merchant Center does this automatically, you may want to dive a bit deeper when categorizing your products for shopping ads and campaigns. Our system contains the entirety of Google’s Product Taxonomy, and you can tag your products however you feel is best.

Product Data Optimization Simplified

  • Create automated feed rules to modify any attribute in your feed
  • Input custom text, use existing data or set pre-determined values to enrich your data feed and boost your shopping campaign performance
  • Maintain consistency between your site and feed with nightly syncs
  • Expand Your Products’ Reach
  • With a few clicks, Sales & Orders auto-generates feeds that are compatible with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Pinterest
  • Bring your products to additional international audiences just as easily with currency and language conversions
  • Revise your catalog across all channels at once or tailor your data per channel to seamlessly connect to your audience wherever they are

Real-Time Product Feed Diagnostics

  • Proactively review your feed to ensure continued compliance within Google, Microsoft, and Facebook
  • porting breaks down exact causes for product disapprovals on the ID-level so you can quickly fix them and get your catalog back to 100%
  • One-click filtering helps to narrow your list by issue so you can organize your workflow easier

Shopping Ads Management Platform That Prioritizes Your Success

Bulk update product bids, optimize product titles with relevant search terms, dig deep into performance by device type and more with ease using the Sales & Orders platform.

Win With Our Experts

Your campaigns will be in the experienced hands of our Client Success team.

Connect with your very own Shopping ads expert who will work directly with you to strategize and optimize your campaigns in Google Shopping, Microsoft Bing Shopping and Facebook/Instagram Ads

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting

Aligning your goals with our know-how and powerful platform is a perfect match.

With the help of the Sales & Orders Shopping Ads Management Platform, their connection with you and in-depth knowledge of e-commerce marketing, your dedicated account specialist will develop the plan best suited for your products

Advanced Reporting

Stay on top of your performance with full access to our in-depth reporting dashboard.

Transparency is extremely important to us, that’s why you’ll always have full access to the Sales & Orders performance dashboard and your campaign manager

Stay In the Know

We’re on the forefront of marketing trends, beta programs and everything eCommerce.

Stay up to date with the latest trends in e-commerce marketing and gain early access to any beta programs with Google, Microsoft Bing or Facebook with our partner program. Just ask your account specialist!