Refined Google Shopping Management

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Optimized Google Shopping Management
Create Filters

Filter products in Google Shopping campaigns based on 30 separate attributes and gain access to exclusive Sales & Orders metrics such as P&L and Margin.

Filter Google Shopping Management
Impressions Google Shopping Management
Zero Impression Products

Identify products which are not displaying in the Google Shopping search results by applying a Filter to find products with zero impressions. Quickly set higher bids and update AdWords in just a few clicks right from Sales & Orders.

Scalable Management

Having more than one store to manage Google Shopping campaigns for can be quite a daunting task. Sales & Orders minimizes the time and effort it takes to switch between separate accounts, perform routine bid updates, and monitor performance without ever leaving your single master login

Scalable Google Shopping Management
Google Shopping Bid Management
Enhanced Bidding Technology

The built-in Bid Suggestion Engine monitors Product Ad performance over time and provides intelligent Max CPC bid recommendations for your Google Shopping campaigns. You can choose to work within the guidelines of these suggestions or override them with your own CPC bidding methodology.

Finding Profit & Loss

Use the exclusive Margin metric to find products which are running at a net loss when factoring in Cost of Goods Sold. After that you can use Buckets and the CPC Bidding Engine to adjust for profitability by bidding down on product ads or shutting them off completely, thus casting out that wasteful ad spend.

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