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Manage Google Shopping Campaigns
Product Discovery

Sales & Orders employs exclusive Filters which can be used to organize products using a combination of over 30 separate customization options. With Filters you can choose to focus on exactly which products or groups of products to manage according to whatever your goals are for Google Shopping campaigns.

Manage Google Shopping Product Ads
Manage Google Shopping Ad Spend
Identify Waste

Utilizing a single Filter you will be able to find which products that are bringing down your Google Shopping campaigns and adjust their bidding strategy to eliminate wasteful spending.

Bulk Bid Updates

With its straight forward interface Sales & Orders gives you both the insight required to make profitable SKU level bid adjustments and the ability to implement 1,000’s of unique bids in just one click.

Manage Bids for Google Shopping Campaigns
Manage Categories for Google Shopping Campaigns
Top Performing Products

Sales & Orders Filters sort through products and campaigns and helps you target products driving high sales. By adding the exclusive Profit & Loss metric, you’ll be able to understand the true value of that revenue.

Tis The Season

The holidays present one of the most influential selling periods for E-Commerce businesses. Designed with this in mind, Sales & Orders contains the tools merchants need to organize and bid on Google Shopping campaigns during these crucial times.

Manage Seasonal Google Shopping Campaigns
Manage New Product Ads in Google Shopping Campaigns
Adding New Products

By connecting with Merchant Center and Google AdWords, our platform bridges the gap between updates to your product data feed and creating product listing ads for newly added products.

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