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House of Holiday, The Ultimate Christmas Shopping Destination, was originally limited to their prime time seasonal selling period and was facing a number of obstacles in increasing revenues beyond that small window even with Google Shopping already running.

That’s when Santa gifted them with Sales & Orders.

Bells Were Not Ringing

House of Holiday, although having an online store and already leveraging Google Shopping, needed a lot more than a few stocking stuffers each year. There were some distinct pain points they needed to address to be able to maintain a steady stream of sales throughout the year.

“I knew we could be getting more out of Google Shopping,” said House of Holiday Chief Cheer Officer Larry Gurino, “but I wasn’t fully aware of why we weren’t doing better.” Larry was already too busy running his brick and mortar operation while also trying to juggle Google Ads and other marketing initiatives. “There were times I wasn’t even sure if a product was selling or how much I was spending and not making at the end of the month.”

Seasonally-driven E-Commerce businesses often experience a lot more than the common growing pains of other verticals. House of Holiday already had strong performance throughout their primary three to four month window. What they needed now was a way to break down those barriers and understand what was really going on in their Shopping campaigns.

“With every agency I’ve worked with in the past there was a veil over how well my campaigns were doing. With Sales & Orders, I had a dashboard that I could access at any time so I could know which products were hot sellers, and which were duds.”

Larry Gurino Chief Cheer Officer, House Of Holiday

Enter Santa’s Little Helpers

After searching online, Larry found Sales & Orders Management Software for Google Shopping. “I needed more than an agency,” said Larry. “I needed a new approach, something I could see with my own eyes.”

The game plan was pretty simple. First, Sales & Orders realized that with the growing popularity of mobile shopping came the need for online stores to be more user-friendly. Upon the advice from the team, House of Holiday worked on redesigning portions of their website so that products would display correctly when consumers searched online, regardless of device.

Next came the task of delivering a quality data feed to Google Merchant Center with current pricing and availability. Ultimately, Sales & Orders knew that they could increase overall presence while also encouraging local customers to visit the House of Holiday brick and mortar store in Queens, New York.

By utilizing the Sales & Orders proprietary software platform to optimize Shopping campaigns and reallocate Google Ads spend to products driving the most profitable sales, House of Holiday was then able to saturate the local market with relevant and right-sized product listing ads.

“It worked and within one week my Google Shopping campaigns were profitable,” said Larry.

“If you are not using this software and doing Google Shopping, you are missing out,”

Larry Gurino Chief Cheer Officer, House Of Holiday

Presents Under The Tree

The most impressive results were outside of House of Holiday’s normal selling season. “I didn’t even think there was a market, but sales just kept coming,” said Larry.

Even as inventory began to dwindle, pre-orders for the next season started rolling in. As a result, House of Holiday experienced a 112% increase in year-round sales while cutting wasted advertising costs by nearly a third.

“The word I would use to describe our growth would be explosive,” said Larry. “I had no idea that we could do this well throughout the entire year.”

Sales & Orders was able to help House of Holiday achieve their ROI goals and even then some. By carefully managing their Google Shopping campaigns, the team was able to present Larry with a year-round holiday season and increase unique visits to his online store by over 350%.