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Better campaigns start with quality data feeds

Product data quality directly impacts how often your ads appear in Google's search results. We can sync up directly to your E-Commerce site and help you improve your existing data or generate an approved Shopping feed from scratch.

Our feed experts handle all of the heavy-lifting for you and leverage our technology to optimize your feed so that it meets Google's Product Feed Specifications. With better data, your product ads stand a much better chance of displaying when potential shoppers are searching.

Once we have completed the creation and optimization of your feed, we'll upload it to Merchant Center on your behalf so you can begin taking advantage of the best-in-class Google Shopping management tools that Sales & Orders has to offer.

Google Shopping Product Feed Management
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Google Product Data Feed?

To be eligible to display your Product Listing Ads with Google Shopping, you are required to pass a cataloged collection of data points for your products from your website. These feeds must align with Google's requirements set forth by their Product Feed Specifications.

I have a store but no feed, how can you help me?

As long as you have fulfilled all of Google's requirements at the source (your site) we can draw out data and ensure it meets Google Product Feed Specifications. We always recommend that Google's requirements for your feed are satisfied at the source.

What Shopping Cart/E-Commerce Providers can you support?

Our team has worked with just about every cart/platform provider. Our feed specialists will perform the necessary actions or provide guidance on ensuring the feed is up to Google's standard and set up in Merchant Center.

How long after I sign up can I expect someone to reach out?

If you sign up during our regular business hours, one of our specialists will most likely email or call within minutes of receiving the request.

How long after my feed has been set up can I sell on Google Shopping?

This will generally be based off of your current cart/platform provider and any additional configuration that may be required. Brand new feeds are manually reviewed by Google Merchant Center which can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours.

What if my data is inaccurate or inefficient for Google Shopping?

After working with Google Shopping since before it was Google Shopping, our team excels in the basic and advanced nature of both Shopping campaign and feed creation/management. Our feed services can help uncover missing or partial data and the team can provide guidance and support to ensure your feed meets Google's standard.

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