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Sales & Orders redefines your expectations of
Google Shopping Management

Google Shopping Management Redefined
Getting Started

Sales & Orders puts you on the fast track to selling on Google Shopping with one-on-one guided support with our Google Shopping specialists.

Integrated Google Shopping Management
Integrated With Google

Using the Setup Wizard, quickly connect directly with your Google AdWords, Analytics, and Merchant Center accounts allowing you to import your entire product catalogue and manage Shopping campaigns.

Create Shopping Campaigns

With Easy Campaign Creation, Sales & Orders builds Google Shopping campaigns for you and structures them for optimal efficiency. You can even connect to existing campaigns as well as edit basic settings.

Build Google Shopping Campaigns
Google Shopping Product Management
Product Hub

Whether you want to check out individual product stats or diagnose product data related issues, the Product Hub is your go-to for SKU level analytics. You can even see exactly how your ads look when consumers search on Google.

Total Product Control

Fully customizable Filters allow you to choose exactly which products to focus on and analyze. Find exactly which products are losing you money and discover the hidden potential behind your top sellers.

Filter Google Shopping Products
Manage Your Google Shopping Campaigns
Manage Shopping Campaigns

Grouping and bidding on products in Google Shopping campaigns is easier than ever with Bulk Bid Updates and Sales & Orders exclusive metrics you won’t find anywhere else.

CPC Bidding Engine

Sales & Orders puts you back in control of your ad spend with a streamlined way to make profit-driven CPC bid updates for every product in a Google Shopping campaign using the CPC Bidding Engine.

CPC Management for Google Shopping
Google Shopping Keyword Management
Keyword Tool

When you want to know which keywords consumers are typing in and triggering your products, look no further than the Shopping Keyword Tool. The first of its kind, you will gain vital knowledge into consumer search behaviors and search term analytics.

Analytics, Just For Shopping

Sales & Orders is your All-In-One reporting platform just for Google Shopping campaigns, allowing you drill deep down to product level insight and customize what data to see and when to see it.

Google Shopping Analytics Management
All Products Google Shopping Management
Every Product, Every SKU

We believe you should be able to track every penny spent and earned in Google Shopping. It is because of that belief that we put you up close and personal with each and every product in your campaign and their performance on a SKU level basis.

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