Everything you’ll need to manage your Google Shopping campaigns

Solutions that help you scale

Sales & Orders includes advanced features that enable you to boost your campaign management efficiency to an entirely new level. With its straightforward interface, it gives you both the insight required to make profitable SKU-level bid adjustments and the ability to implement thousands of unique bids whenever you need to.

Intuitive bidding tools

The built-in Bid Suggestion Engine monitors Product Ad performance over time and provides intelligent Max CPC bid recommendations for your Google Shopping campaigns. You can choose to work within the guidelines of these suggestions or override them with your own methodology.

Stop wasteful spending

Sales & Orders employs exclusive Filters you won’t anywhere else which can be used to find which products are bringing down your Google Shopping campaigns. From there you can adjust their bidding strategy to eliminate waste when using Bid Suggestions to upload right to AdWords.

Platform exclusives you won’t find elsewhere

We break the mold of standard, cookie-cutter platforms and bring you the only Profit & Loss reporting interface for Google Shopping.

Profitability scoring

Use the exclusive Margin metric to find products which are running at a net loss when factoring in Cost of Goods Sold. After that you can use the Bid Suggestions to adjust for profitability by bidding down on ill-performing products or groups.

Boost conversions with RLSA

We’ve enabled zero degrees of separation between your Google Shopping campaigns and Remarketing efforts with in-app RLSA management and analytics. Retailers using RLSA Remarketing have experienced as much as a 10% increase in conversions versus those who don't.


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