Find out how consumers are finding your products online

Search term analytics is game-changing

Sales & Orders provides store owners with a clear picture of a customer’s search behavior as well the search intent and keywords used to trigger your product ads in Google Shopping campaigns. You can even see what key terms drove profitable sales and which one’s led to pure waste.

Optimize your product data

The vital data revealed by our keyword analytics can help you make informed decisions on how to approach optimizing data in your feeds such as Product Titles and Descriptions which can greatly impact the visibility and click-through potential of your Google Shopping campaigns.

Understand consumer behavior

Securing a sale with Google Shopping often comes down to displaying the right product ad, to the right person, at the right time. Keyword analytics can help ensure that you’ll be able to recognize these “Micro-Moments” and adjust product details to further improve upon your potential for conversions.

Implement negative keyword strategies at scale

We'll put you back in the driver's seat with the Negative Keyword Tool and bulk negative uploads for your Google Shopping campaigns.

Upload negatives in bulk

From within Campaign Manager you can dictate your own Negative Keyword strategy and add desired negatives at both the campaign and/or ad group levels. You can do this in one-off situations or add negatives in bulk.

Negative Keyword Tool

Minimize the risk of lower quality clicks which only lead to higher costs with little to no return using the Negative Keyword tool. This intuitive feature allows you to pick and choose which negative terms to add to campaigns or filter on in S&O.


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