Sales & Orders takes care of the heavy-lifting for you

Immediately begin importing products from Merchant Center

Enable lightning-fast product feed imports from Merchant Center with the click of a button and schedule weekly fetches

Your data, neatly stored

Sales & Orders pulls in every product attribute for every product in your feed. We also store all individual product performance metrics which you can check anytime you want.

Product export tool

An exclusive feature you won't find elsewhere, our Product Exporter will take any feed type and convert it into an easy to read and easy to edit .CSV file for you to export from your S&O account.

Campaigns created and structured while you wait

Sales & Orders virtually eliminates the frustrations that can go along with creating and structuring optimized Google Shopping campaigns. Our platform goes out and does the hard work for you, often reducing time consuming tasks by as much as 90%. Campaigns created by Sales & Orders are perfectly structured for tracking Profit & Loss for every single SKU.

Do more with an optimal structure

Once a Shopping campaign has been built in AdWords, Sales & Orders handles the grunt work like creating Ad Groups and subdividing Product Groups. Every single product in your Merchant Center Feed receives its own individual Product Listing Ad as well as an initial Max CPC bid.

Take back control and tracking

With an ideally structured Google Shopping campaign, you gain the ability to begin tracking individualized performance for each product ad. Not only that, but with this structure, unique CPC bids for each of those Product Listing Ads can be uploaded to AdWords right from Sales & Orders.


Are you maximizing your potential on Google Shopping?

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