Flexible, multi-level performance reporting and analytics

Step beyond standard analytics

Sales & Orders acts as your single platform for measuring all things Google Shopping. By bridging the gap between AdWords, Analytics and Merchant Center it provides the transparency you need to be competitive and profitable on Google Shopping.

Go further than ROAS

Our platform speaks the language of retailers and reveals the true value behind each and every click and conversion. While the primary dashboard provides a snapshot of not only ad metrics but revenue performance as well, you can dig deeper and drill down to reveal Profit and Loss data at the ID-level.

Make better decisions

Product-level data will help you pin-point unique performance trends so you can get the most out of every dollar spent in Google Shopping. Seeing what’s working and what’s not allows you to solve common campaign problems, spot vital campaign trends, and allocate your budget appropriately.

Uncover the true potential of Google Shopping

Our true, ID-level campaign structures open the door to an entirely new way of managing, optimizing, and analyzing your advertising efforts on Google Shopping.

Customize your data

Because of the unique way we build and structure Shopping campaigns you won’t need to waste another minute trying to discover specific performance segments. Simply build a filter for what products you want to see and add it right to your main dashboard. That way, whenever you log in, you can check in on each segment and stay up-to-date on product trends.

Discover hidden sales

Your typical agency will often default to using conversions as the empirical performance metric for making bid adjustments. Often, however, a conversion on one of your Shopping ads does not necessarily mean that it sold what the shopper clicked on originally. Exclusive to the Sales & Orders platform, Synergy Metrics reveal this entirely new layer of sales data.


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