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Sales & Orders provides retailers and marketers with a scalable solution for managing and optimizing Product Listing Ads in Google Shopping campaigns.

Google Shopping Product Listing Ads
What Are Google Product Listing Ads?

Launched in late 2002, originally under the name Froogle, Google Product Listing Ads began as a free-to-use price comparison service wherein Google’s web crawlers would index product data from E-Commerce websites instead of using manual submissions. Not too long after, Froogle was re-branded as Google Product Search and these Product Listings could then appear among search results.

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Product Listing Ads and Google Shopping
Rebranding To Google Shopping

In 2012, Google changed the entire model of these listings to a Pay-Per-Click system and rebranded once more to the now known Google Shopping. Google Product Listing Ads became the individual ad units for Google Shopping campaigns where merchants could manually upload Product Data Feeds to Google Merchant Center thereby allowing them to create Product Listing Ads in AdWords to be promoted online with Google Shopping campaigns.

Three Unique Locations

Google Product Listing Ads appear when someone performs a search on Google using specific key terms which Google then matches to any relevant PLA’s employed by merchants and advertisers. The ads themselves can be viewed in three specific locations on Google.

Google Product Listing Ads Search
Benefits of Product Listing Ads

Google Product Listing Ads are one of the most cost-effective sources of paid search traffic for E-Commerce businesses. These ads tend to have higher conversion rates than traditional forms of search advertising.

  • Search Market Share: Google presently controls nearly 70% of all search traffic on the internet. Recent Google reports have shown that upwards of 40% of its over 1 trillion searches per year are people looking for consumer products online. That’s hundreds of billions of searches that could possibly trigger Product Listing Ads.

  • Conversion Value: Google Product Listing Ads, as compared to Text Ads, require as much as 80% fewer advertising dollars spent to drive clicks to websites. PLA’s have some of the highest recorded conversion rates in PPC advertising, far exceeding other forms such as social media and display.

  • Mobile Ready: The evolution of the mobile device and smart phones have given rise to an entirely new avenue for merchants and advertisers alike. Once Google Shopping campaigns have been created, Product Listing Ads are automatically included in mobile search results on Google. Even more prominent on a mobile phone, PLA’s appear above all other search results, both organic and paid.
An Innovative Approach

We designed Sales & Orders with the sole goal of helping merchants and advertisers increase profitable revenue for their E-Commerce businesses using Product Listing Ads. Sales & Orders links up to your core Google services without the need for extra codes or integrations to your E-Commerce website thus reducing the time it takes to create and manage Product Listing Ads by 90% or more.


Store every product in Merchant Center in one platform.


Create Google Shopping Campaigns faster and easier.


Organize and bid on Product Listing Ads with advanced tools.


Gain insight into the performance of your Product Listing Ads

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