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Fully Managed

From feed creation to feed optimization, our team reduces the often time-consuming and difficult tasks that go along with setting up a Google approved product data feed. We can support feeds created directly from source data from your website while also being able to export and collate product attributes from various file formats.

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Feed Optimization

Product data is the lifeblood of your Google Shopping campaigns with the more refined and optimized data proving to increase overall campaign performance. Through feed optimization techniques such as dynamic attribute updates and mapping, our team is able to take even the least of optimized feeds and turn them into ones that Merchant Center approves.

Data Quality Scoring

As we import your product data into our system, we immediately begin a process of analyzing and auditing individual product attributes for common errors and even what Google will disapprove right off the bat. This programmatic error checking helps to reveal discrepancies in data quality and alerts us to optimizations to be performed. Once the data has been optimized, your feed can be sent to Merchant Center to be approved.

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Shopping Carts & E-Commerce Platforms

Our team understands that the best data is often that which comes directly from your online store. Because of this we have outfitted our Google product feed services to be able to handle just about any cart or solution that you are running your store on. It doesn't stop there though. We can even pull your feed via url, http or ftp server connections as well and we support file formats such as csv, xml and txt.

Supported Formats:

CSV/TSV, XML, RSS, TXT, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, 3dcart, CS-Cart, Volusion

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Site Crawlers & More

Don't have a data feed available? Missing vital data points at the source? We have the ability to scan and extract product information right from your website. In many cases, product data feeds, even when generated from the source, can have pockets of missing attributes. By locating and then dynamically inserting these attributes in the proper sections, product data feeds that we optimize are sure to pass Google's inspection.

Google MC API

With direct access to Google Merchant Center's API there is virtually zero down time between feed setup in our system and then export to Merchant Center. Combined with our priority level MC support channel, your feed approval is in the right hands to get you onto Google Shopping the right way, and faster.

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