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Google Shopping Europe

What happened to Google Shopping in the EU?

In a landmark anti-trust case by the European Commission, Google was forced to completely alter how its fastest growing advertising segment, Google Shopping, works in EU countries.

Essentially, the EC alleged that Google was supposedly abusing its market hold over comparison shopping in the EU. The European Commission alleged that Google was “favoring its own content” and thus muscling out its competitors in the various CSSs or Comparison Shopping Services out there.

What does that mean for retailers?

Google was forced to completely alter how Shopping ads look and function, and has introduced Comparison Shopping Partners
CSS Partners

Half of all Shopping ad positions are now dedicated to certified CSS Partner sites

More Competition

Now there’s fewer ad positions when advertising directly in Google Ads in the EU

Missed Opportunities

Merchants have noticed a downward trend in impressions & clicks on their ads

Google Shopping Ads Europe

Introducing PriceJoy®

Start taking back that valuable digital shelf space by listing your products on our Comparison Shopping site
Google Comparison Shopping Service

Our incredible results speak for themselves

Plumbworld see’s tremendous performance gains in less than a month
  • 4000 New Shoppers
  • 23X Overall Return-on-Ad-Spend
  • 70% Lower Average Cost-Per-Click
  • Doubled profitable revenue against total ad cost
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Google CSS Customer

“The setup process with Sales & Orders was very straightforward and the communication and support was first class"

James Hickman, CEO, Plumbworld

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We're a Certified Google CSS Partner

A CSS or Comparison Shopping Service is a website that collects your product data and redirects Shopping Ads to your ecommerce website.

Our retail partners are able to capitalize on both our technology and our expertise to expand the reach of their products for the new Shopping Ads format.

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Our Unique Approach

Unlike any other CSS Partner, PriceJoy® is a full, end-to-end solution
Complete Turnkey Setup

We'll handle all the hard work of setting up your account while you wait

CPC Bidding Technology

Our tech maintains lower average CPCs for a far greater ROAS potential

Hands-Free Product Feeds

Includes full set up, optimization, monitoring, and maintenance

Comprehensive Reporting

Anytime, anywhere access to review your account performance

Expert Campaign Management

Our dedicated specialists manage & optimize your campaigns

Ecommerce Platform Agnostic

We can work with any ecommerce platform or solution

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