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Manage Google Product Listing Ads
Product Dashboards

Sales & Orders provides multiple interfaces to analyze all aspects of products and their associated metrics. This 360⁰ view of your product ads in Google Shopping allows you measure develop a unique strategy for each product or group of products.

Google Product Listing Ads Reporting
Merchant Center Product Listing Ad Data
Merchant Center Data

With your entire product catalogue from Google Merchant Center neatly stored within Sales & Orders, you’ll be able to stay on top of best practices for product data and even visualize what your product ads will look like in Google Shopping.

Product Sorting

Panels open to reveal an easy-to-follow rundown of the products which were pre-selected using Filters. The columns in these charts combine the data from both AdWords and Analytics and each data point can be sorted to create a specific view.

Sort Products in Google Shopping
Individual Product Stats

We raise the bar on product-level insight by unifying your Google Shopping products’ transaction and ad data in one place so you know exactly how to adjust your strategy to be more profitable.

Google PLA Statistics
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