Enjuku Racing Parts

Enjuku Racing Parts

Established in 1999 Enjuku Racing Parts began by specializing in aftermarket performance racing parts for Nissan 240SX and SR20DET. Known the world over for their knowledge and industry-leading expertise, Enjuku has since expanded to other makes and models including BMW, Ford, and Honda.

Ken Harrison, owner of Enjuku Racing LLC, has relied on the resolve and expertise of the Sales & Orders team for over four years. Very evident through the entirety of 2016, their first year working with us, Enjuku saw major improvement in revenue and return on ad spend while spending less money than in 2015.

The Obstacles

Ken saw that, on his own, his costs in Google Shopping were far outpacing the revenue his ads were generating
Heavy Wasteful Spending

Lacking a refined structure for managing bids and understanding performance, the majority of Ken's ad spend was not generating a profitable return

Low Advertising Inventory

Plagued by the lower than desired ROAS, it was difficult for Ken to justify growing his available inventory to advertise using Shopping campaigns

No In-House Marketing

It wasn't long before Ken realized that Google Shopping required too much time and effort to manage, especially since he had a business to run

Enjuku Racing

The Game Plan

Our team developed a strategy that would stay consistent with Enjuku's business goals

The Results

Enjuku's growth since partnering with Sales & Orders has been astonishing


Increase in year-over-year conversions


Boost in Shopping ads-only revenue YoY


Increase in year-over-year Return on Ad Spend


Reduction in year-over-year Cost to Convert

What made it possible

A quick transition and ever-vigilant Shopping specialists
  • Rebuilt Shopping campaigns capable of SKU-level bidding and analysis
  • Spend reallocation that shifted focused heavily onto top performing products
  • Testing a new Google Ads product in RLSA, a near zero-risk but substantially high strategy
  • Constant communication between Ken and our team allowed us to stay on top of how his business evolved
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"Sales & Orders has been an absolute pleasure to work with in every way possible. Their customer service is top notch and they have helped our business grow tremendously"

Ken Harrison, Owner, EnjukuRacing.com

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