Easily Create Google Shopping Campaigns

Sales & Orders does all of the heavy lifting for you

Create Google Shopping Campaigns
Easy Campaign Creation

Sales & Orders virtually eliminates all of the frustrations that can go along with creating optimized Google Shopping campaigns. After applying just a few basic settings, our platform goes out and does all of the hard work for you. Campaigns created by Sales & Orders are perfectly structured to be able track Profit & Loss for every single SKU.

Structure Google Shopping Campaigns
Sync Google Shopping Campaigns
Sync To Existing Campaigns

Sales & Orders imports existing Google Shopping campaigns with a single click. After that you can change your basic settings or even manage those campaigns without skipping a beat.

Optimal Campaign Structure

Once a Shopping campaign has been built in AdWords, Sales & Orders removes the often time-consuming task of creating Ad Groups and subdividing Product Groups. Instead, every single product in your Merchant Center Feed receives its own individual Product Listing Ad as well as an initial Max CPC bid.

Structure Google Shopping Campaigns
Track Product Listing Ads
ID-Level Tracking

With an ideally structured Google Shopping campaign, you gain the ability to begin tracking individualized performance for each product ad. Not only that, but with this structure, unique CPC bids for each of those Product Listing Ads can be uploaded to AdWords right from the Sales & Orders dashboard.

Multi-Campaign Capabilities

Whether you wish to work with just a single campaign or build multiple specialized Google Shopping campaigns, Sales & Orders enables all-round control over your management style. You’ll be able to Filter out top performing product groups and apply a dedicated budget to begin bidding alongside any other campaign in your account.

Create Multiple Google Shopping Campaigns
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