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Never be overpriced again

All you need is a feed and GTINs on your products
Pricing API

Weekly automatic fetches resync your products directly from the leading pricing API online today

Repricing Rules

Use rules and our advanced filtering system to alter pricing to beat out your retail competitors

File Export

Generate a CSV export of your pricing changes and upload directly to your ecommerce platform admin

Competitor Analytics

Source up to your top competitors online, and even pricing from big brands like Walmart or Amazon

Up to 100 GTINs
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After setting up your account, you'll be able to build your plan based on GTIN inventory size

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How our Competitive Pricing Tool tiers work

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Competitive Pricing Model

How does it work?

Keep things simple or build your own advanced strategy
Competitive Pricing API

The Competitive Pricing Tool is directly linked via API which automates the import of your top price competitors selling online, including major brands such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target. Your Dashboard comes pre-equipped with key metrics you can use to understand how you stack up against them.

Competitive Pricing Tool Filters

Access a unique, fully customizable interface dedicated just to the Competitive Pricing Tool. Leverage simple or complex filters to review specific product segments or search for particular SKUs. You'll also be able to hide and unhide products that may not be the best fit for running pricing rules on.

Competitive Pricing Tool Export

Once your rules are in place, all it takes is a click of a button to download a formatted CSV file of your price changes. All you need to do is upload that file to your store's admin portal or control panel. If you are using our feed tool, you can trigger an immediate product import to update your prices in our system.

Top Competitor Analytics

Use individual product reporting dashboards to track up to yout top competitors online product-by-product and also review charted fluctuations in competitive pricing history market.

Garner invaluable insight into how you stack up against the competition with exclusive data points such as Deviation metrics.

Do your own investigative research by visiting competitors' websites in an effort to develop strategies to improve your own on-site experience or set up special offers that make buying from you more attractive.

Competitive Pricing Tool Analytics

We're integrated with BigCommerce and Shopify

Send price changes directly back into your store
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wrappixel kit
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Competitive Pricing Tool Product Widget

Product Widget

All subscriptions come with the On-Site Product Widget which can only be used for the website you have signed up with.

This easy-to-implement piece of code can be inserted directly into the HTML of your product pages.

Once installed, anytime a shopper visits a product page, they will also be able to view how your pricing compares to your competitors.

Displaying data like this has shown to improve shopper loyalty, on-site conversion rates, and increase average order value.

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