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Dedicated Bing Reporting Dashboard

Once Bing Shopping has been activated in your S&O account, you’ll gain access to a separate reporting dashboard just for Bing performance equipped with a date range editor and PDF report exporter. You can also birds-eye metrics at both the campaign and ad group levels in Campaign Manager.

Bing Campaign Manager

We've taken some of the very same, awesome tools originally available only for Google Shopping and configured them for managing and optimizing Bing Shopping campaigns.

Easily Create Campaigns & Ad Groups

Build Bing Shopping campaigns and set up new ad groups on the fly. Campaigns are structured for optimal bid management efficiency.

Manage Bids More Efficiently

Combine our advanced filtering system with intelligent, profit-driven Bid Suggestions™ and ship thousands of Max CPC bids to Bing Ads in just a few clicks. 2-step bidding security allows you to review changes before posting to your campaigns.

Customize Campaigns

Design your own ideal campaign and ad group structure or build specialty campaigns for unique product segments. Take product filtering and hand-pick exactly which products belong where.

Negative Keywords

Manage your Bing Shopping negative keyword strategy with an easy-to-use Negative Keyword tool that supports bulk changes at the campaign and ad group levels.

Change History

Keep track of your bidding and product management with a detailed history of changes made in your account using S&O tools.

Automate tasks

We've combined our Bid Suggestion Engine with Bing Shopping automation. Reduce time and effort on regular campaign tasks like updating bids, and spend more time focusing on advanced optimization strategies. Set custom bid update or add product rules for every one of your Shopping campaigns.

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