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Following an unsatisfactory experience with another agency, Baltic Networks was in need of a champion to manage their Google Shopping campaigns. That’s when they made a connection that would alter the fabric of their E-Commerce marketing plan, and began work with Sales & Orders. With the help of our experts, Baltic Networks was able to see how truly successful they could be in Google Shopping.

When Technology Collides

Since 2005, Baltic Networks has been providing expert cost effective wireless and wired networking and machine-to-machine solutions for businesses across the United States. Before working with Sales & Orders, their experience on Google Shopping had been frustratingly lack luster.

As it turns out, all they needed was a boost from the technology utilized in our Google Shopping Management Software. Once their campaigns were switched over to our ID-Level structure, not only did their revenue explode, but their return on ad spend saw a massive increase as well.

This was helped in large part by an increased conversion rate and a 45% increase in their average order value.

“When we found Sales and Orders we couldn’t have been happier. Not only did they help us curtail our spending, without a contract, we got to keep all of our revenue. They have a team of experts that are very dedicated and knowledgeable in what they do.”

Brent Tyson, Digital Marketing Manager, Baltic Networks

Engineering Google Shopping Success

Once Baltic Networks had their campaign structure transitioned to our ID-level format, a number of strategic steps were taken to begin growing their reach in Google Shopping.

One of the most impactful changes made was to their product data feed. Their Dedicated Account specialist quickly went to work on optimizing their data to give Baltic Networks’ ads the best chance to show in relevant Google searches. Advanced geo-targeting was also implemented, which led to nearly 150% growth in revenue month over month.

Most importantly, bidding on the ID-Level helped to manage ad spend across all of their products, allowing them the freedom to develop a bidding strategy that benefited each product.

“I can’t tell you how many times a Sales and Orders employee has made suggestions, or given advice outside of the scope of their job, just to provide a helping hand. I feel as if they are actually interested and vested in our company’s success, knowing that when we do well, they also do well."

Brent Tyson, Digital Marketing Manager, Baltic Networks

RLSA Boosts Performance

A major contributor to the success of Baltic Networks has been their efforts in remarketing. With the help of their Dedicated Account Specialist, several RLSA audiences were built to help retarget previous visitors to their website.

Over the course of a month, the remarketing strategy help add nearly 50% more conversions, and helped grow revenue by over 30%. With a 15% conversion rate, and a very low cost to convert, RLSA remarketing was exactly the boost that Baltic Networks’ Google Shopping campaigns needed to perform better than they ever have.