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Google Shopping Analytics
Campaign Overview

The primary Dashboard within Sales & Orders reports on the 30 day outlook on all of your Google Shopping campaigns and displays a snapshot of your revenue and ad metric performance.

Google Shopping Campaign Reporting
Make It Your Own

Using your pre-created Filters you can add Individual Panels to the Dashboard. You can customize these Panels to report on products according to the attributes set in Filters.

Custom Google Shopping Analytics
Go Beyond ROAS

Sales & Orders helps understand the true value behind your Google Shopping campaigns by factoring in not only Ad Spend but your business’s Cost of Goods Sold and Product Margins to bring you the only Profit & Loss reporting interface for Product Listing Ads.

Analyze Google Shopping Campaigns
Connect to Google Shopping Performance
Know Before You Bid

Sales & Orders keeps you connected to your campaigns every step of the way. Even before you push new Max CPC bids to Google AdWords, you can review both Analytics Data and Financial Metrics on each and every product in your campaign. You are never more than a few degrees of separation from your campaign performance, down to a single Product Listing Ad.

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