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Sales & Orders was founded with one goal in mind: to make advertising products on Google Shopping (then called Froogle) a much easier and more profitable experience for E-Commerce retailers. Our roots are in development and design of these E-Commerce stores, and it was when Google announced the shift from Froogle to Product Listing Ads and Google Shopping that our clients began asking us to build and optimize these campaigns for them.

Realizing early on that this very new and very complex campaign type in Google AdWords would require tremendous resources and know-how to ensure profitability, we built the earliest version of Sales & Orders. And so our story began…


Through the years, Google Shopping has grown and evolved, becoming what could be the #1 source of targeted paid search traffic exclusively for E-Commerce businesses. We knew from day one that Sales & Orders would have to very much do the same: evolve, grow and scale.

Today Sales & Orders is the only Management Software for Google Shopping. We have dedicated not only the platform, but our entire team to helping online store owners drive profitable revenue using Google Product Listing Ads and Shopping Campaigns.

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