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Since 1992, Simply Speakers has been providing its customers with reliable, high quality service for their loudspeaker parts and service related needs. What began as a small shop in St. Petersburg, Florida has blossomed into one of the largest factory authorized speaker repair centers in the United States. As their business grew, they entered the Google Shopping world, and sustained a profitable existence utilizing the e-commerce advertising tool. Something was missing, though, and they believed they could do better.

Today, with the help of Sales & Orders, they’ve begun to unlock their true potential and are continuing their upward climb.

Be Seen, Be Heard

For the folks at Simply Speakers, sound is everything when it comes to their products and service. The louder the better. A similar concept can be applied to their Google Shopping efforts, only instead of being heard they want to be seen.

Thanks to Sales & Orders ID-level structured campaigns, they’re being seen now more than ever, and it resulted in a quarter over quarter doubling in sales and revenue. In many cases when such drastic increases occur, efficiency goes out this window.

That certainly wasn’t the case here, as they saw their conversion rate rise by 16% while keeping a nearly identical click through rate.

“We have been involved with online PPC advertising in some form or another since Google introduced it back in their early days. After mis-managing our own campaigns for several years, we hired another company to manage our Google Ads accounts for us. They started out strong, but we saw sales dwindle after a couple of years and did not know what to do, or who to turn to. Enter Sales & Orders! They have been tremendous in taking over our campaigns and really working within the system to get the most out of every ad dollar.”

Sean Ryan, General Manager, Simply Speakers

Harmonizing Data

Utilizing our Management Software for Google Shopping, the Dedicated Account Specialist for Simply Speakers was able to focus more ad spend on successful products, push budget away from products that were wasting money, and regularly update negative keywords to include non-relevant search queries.

With the help of our platform, a majority of decision making data can be found and acted upon from one spot, which has continue to benefit their efforts.

“We have seen sales growth each month since we signed on for their service. We are now strongly considering adding Text Ads and Remarketing to the mix. The online dashboard is a great way to keep up to date with reporting and performance. Response times are super-fast and we couldn’t be happier! Way to go Sales & Orders!"

Sean Ryan, General Manager, Simply Speakers

RLSA Cranks Up the Decibels

Although Simply Speakers’ Google Shopping efforts were going well once they switched to Sales & Orders, there was still even more that could be done to improve. This is when their Dedicated Account Specialist decided to add RLSA remarketing audiences to their campaigns.

Over the course of their first quarter with us, their RLSA accounted for over 10% of their total sales and revenue. Even more notable is the fact that the remarketing ran at a nearly 30x return on ad spend, and operated on a 3% click through rate and a 7% conversion rate.

Adding this strategy has proven to be remarkably efficient and effective for Simply Speakers.