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Founded in 2010 by Ali von Paris, Route One Apparel is the #1 online shop for all things Maryland Pride. While it started from humble beginnings in a University of Maryland dorm room, Route One Apparel has grown substantially, in part due to the efforts of the Sales & Orders team

Maryland Pride, Nationwide

Route One Apparel story starts in the state of Maryland, where founder Ali von Paris launched the e-commerce store from her dorm room at the University of Maryland. The brand immediately sky rocketed in popularity, selling apparel that features the state flag and other iconic symbols of the state.

With the help of Sales & Orders Management Software for Google Shopping, Route One Apparel has been able to drastically improve its already booming business by introducing Google Shopping into their marketing plan.

Since beginning in the Spring of 2017, Route One Apparel has opened themselves up to more web traffic and e-commerce sales opportunities than they thought possible, from Maryland all the way out to California.

“I never realized how many sales opportunities I was missing until I worked with Sales & Orders and they were able to increase my traffic and purchasing on my site tremendously. I am not only impressed with our sales growth but impressed with their team's attention to detail and creativity when it comes to improving campaigns.”

Ali von Paris, Founder / CEO, RouteOneApparel.com

Strategize to Maximize

A big part of Route One Apparel’s success in Google Shopping is the strategy that was put in place after they started working with Sales & Orders.

Since the store was based out of and featured all things Maryland, their Google Shopping campaign strategist began adding highly focused geo-targeting, in many cases down to the zip code. This allowed for maximum control over ad spend, and an ideal overview of where to push bids more aggressively and where to scale back.

Additionally, RLSA remarketing was set up to target groups of already interested consumers. These strategies, along with high level negative keyword planning and structured bidding on the ID-Level with the Sales & Orders Management Software for Google Shopping, helped bring Route One Apparel's ROAS to over 10 times.

“I am now confident to say that running a successful Google marketing strategy is a requirement for any business this day and age!"

Ali von Paris, Founder / CEO, RouteOneApparel.com

An Even Split

Revenue and conversions have soared for Route One Apparel over the course of Google Shopping campaign management by Sales & Orders, rising by 94% and 75% respectively quarter over quarter. This impressive jump in transactions has been led by tremendous performance on both Desktop and Mobile devices.

Both device platforms saw quarter over quarter increases of over 100% in web traffic as well as accounting for over 90% of the total number of conversions Route One Apparel made in Google Shopping. And although mobile brought in more of the overall traffic, both platforms evenly split the conversions load.