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Untapped potential now at your fingertips

Your business deserves a lot more than basic, regurgitated analytics made to look pretty, yet add little to no true value

SKU-level reporting

Dig deeper than ever before. Understand how each product performs on its own, and even run Google searches of your products to do some competitor analyses

Search query analytics

Pure ID-Level campaigns connect you with actual consumer search behaviors so you can see exactly what shoppers are typing into the search results

Margin tool

Upload hard costs for every ID in your feed directly to Sales & Orders and we’ll build even more accurate Profit & Loss reporting at each layer of analytics

Product exporter

Especially helpful for those with feeds via API, the Product Exporter allows you to select specific product attributes and export a CSV file of your entire product data feed

Synergy metrics

Conversions are no longer the empirical rule of Shopping performance. Synergy Metrics divulge what were once hidden transactions, now brought front and center

RLSA manager

We’ve enabled zero degrees of separation between your Google Shopping campaigns and Remarketing efforts with in-app RLSA management and analytics

Meet the Bid Suggestion Engine™

Bid suggestions

Sales & Orders consumes every data point possible and guides your bidding decisions

Adjust by date

Configure Bid Suggestions to run based on 1, 3, 7, 14, or 30-day attribution models

Exclude products

Products wasting money? Exclude them from Shopping one by one or in bulk operations

Negative keyword management

Scale the implementation of waste-reducing negative keyword strategies

Potential negatives

Based on search term analytics, Potential Negative Terms connect you with search terms driving up spend without converting. From there you can filter out products associated with like terms and adjust bids so that products with higher conversion potential receive the impression share they deserve.

Bulk negative editors

Whether by campaign or ad group, you no longer need to navigate through Google Ads to efficiently manage your negative keywords. From Campaign Manager, mouse over to the Keywords tab and upload one-off negatives, large negative lists in bulk, and even edit or remove previously added terms.

In-app RLSA manager

Add RLSA audiences

Attribute previously saved audiences from Google Ads or Analytics to your Google Shopping campaigns

Edit RLSA rules

Adjust or remove RLSA settings on any audience already connected and tracked in Sales & Orders

Analyze performance

Review audience-level performance and adjust by date ranges to gather multiple layers of rich detail

Optimize your geo-targeting

With location reports you can analyze your geo-specific ROAS leaders and optimize their bids to focus on what’s driving profitable traffic. Implement bid modifiers on the fly and reduce wasted ad spend in territories where shoppers are less likely to convert