Manage your Google Shopping Campaigns at unparalleled scale

Use advanced features like the Bid Suggestion Engine™ and customizable filtering technology to boost efficiency in campaign management

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A better way to manage Shopping campaigns

Campaign Manager brings all things Google Shopping management together in a single environment so you can execute bid changes and even adjust negative keywords with zero friction

Profitability scoring

Bid Suggestions focus on reducing waste and driving profit at the SKU-level

Custom filters

Filter groups of products and adjust strategies based on unique segments

Manual override

Apply your own unique bidding approach and upload changes to Google Ads

2-step verify

Ensure you want to make a change, accept, and send off new Max CPC bids

How it works

Filter products

Segment your target product group or queue up all products for bidding

Apply updates

Use profit-driven Bid Suggestions or manually modify bids how you see fit

Approve & send

Double check your chosen updates, approve, and then push directly to Google Ads

Advanced product filtering technology

Create and implement simple and advanced filters for your Google Shopping campaigns

Pre-Set filters

“Out of the box,” your account is equipped with 4 pre-built Filters to get you started and on the right track for campaign optimization

Create your own

Set and save new Filters tailored to your unique management style and use them whenever you want or delete them as needed

Discover waste

Use the exclusive margin metric to find products running at a net loss and apply suggestions to stop waste before it eats into profits

Upload negative keywords in bulk to campaigns and/or ad groups

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