Create the ideal Google Shopping campaign

The most granular, Pure-ID Level campaigns are built and structured all by Sales & Orders while you wait

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Create Shopping Campaigns with ease

Campaigns built using Sales & Orders are structured at full granularity. Use Campaign Creator to apply your Shopping settings and build the campaign in Google Ads. Then completely automate the structure using the Add Products Tool

Choose from auto or manual campaign structuring

Auto build

Let the platform build all the ad groups needed to house your products

Manual build

Customize ad groups based on your own desired segmentation criteria

Bids automated

Margin-based, unique Max CPC bids for each product are applied from the start

Add products

Build All-Product campaigns or use filters to create custom campaigns on the fly

View and analyze campaign-level performance data anytime you want

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Manage multiple campaigns and multiple stores

Having multiple campaigns or more than one store to run on Google Shopping doesn’t have to be so time consuming anymore

No campaign limits

Build and manage as few or as many Google Shopping campaigns as you’d like

Unlimited seats

Add account users or managers at absolutely no additional cost per seat

Multi-store owners

Have more than one store? Ask about our multi-site discounts for any plan

Track change history

Make sure you’re taking stock of the changes being made in your account. Stay on top of your team and don’t miss out on anything from bid changes to new products being added to campaigns

More platform exclusives

Ask about managed services

For the full hands-off experience, work with our expert team. Your Dedicated Account Manager manages all things Google Shopping so you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business

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