Apply automation to your Google Shopping campaigns

Set custom rules for bidding and adding new products to increase efficiency

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Automate tasks

We've combined our Bid Suggestion Engine with Bing Shopping automation. Reduce time and effort on regular campaign tasks like updating bids, and spend more time focusing on advanced optimization strategies. Set custom bid update or add product rules for every one of your Shopping campaigns.

Easy-to-build rules help you master time management

Campaign sorting

Filter out which of your campaigns to focus on adding or adjusting rules

Bid rules

Build multiple rule sets purely for handling bid updates and optimizations

Product rules

New products in Merchant Center? Automate adding them to existing campaigns

Edit & remove

Adjust settings for any of your pre-built rules or delete outdated/unused rules

Use Bid Suggestions & Filters to power your rules

Combine advanced product filters with suggestion methodology


Set up rules to run on not one but any Google Shopping campaign you have built within or imported to your S&O account

Frequency & attribution

Choose how often to run your rules on unique product segments as well as apply date range attribution to bid suggestions

Custom run-times

Configure "forever" rules or build specialty rules for select run-times such as for the holidays or promotional periods

Prioritize rules

Adjust rule run priorities when you have multiple rules for campaigns