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Sales & Orders has helped Good Start Packaging own their market with Google Shopping, and spur on the cause of environmentalism and sustainability through composting.

In The Beginning

Founder Ken Jacobus started Good Start Packaging in 2009 because he wanted his children to know that he valued the earth - and had the courage to act on those values - to create a healthier place for them to live.

"As a small company with limited resources to dedicate to understanding the vast and dynamic digital advertising space, we simply couldn’t do it without help," said Ken.

"We’ve been working with Sales & Orders for over a year with excellent results. We trust their team to proactively manage our Google account so our investment in digital advertising is always optimized. Our Google Shopping results have far exceeded our expectations so we’ve added Google Ads, Remarketing, and Bing to the services the S&O team manages for us."

Ken Jacobus, Founder/CEO, Good Start Packaging

To achieve their mission, Good Start Packaging needed to reach a more significant audience. Being that Google Shopping is the #1 search engine marketing channel for online retailers, it was a no brainer to head in that direction.

After starting out with the Sales & Orders team in 2015, Good Start Packaging has expanded their efforts even further with optimized management of Dynamic Remarketing, RLSA, and Expanded Text Ads.

"Their new dashboard makes it easy for me to log in daily and check our financial metrics. Our sales, ad spend, profit, ROAS and conversion rate are all clearly laid out for me. Being able to show data by the day, weeks, 2 weeks and month is also very helpful when preparing reports and comparing numbers," said Ken.

"Their team is extremely responsive. Any time I log in to Google Ads and have a question regarding our account, I shoot them an email and they responds immediately.”

Ken Jacobus, Founder/CEO, Good Start Packaging
Tremendous Growth

Today, Good Start Packaging sees over a 30-times return on their Google Shopping ad spend and an over 11 times return on Profit in a given 30-day cycle.

By taking advantage of a more streamlined approach to Google Shopping by Sales & Order’s analysts, Good Start Packaging expanded their advertising reach by nearly 169% in 2016 compared to 2015 with their ads being clicked on 30% more as well.

"As a small company with limited resources to dedicate to understanding the vast and dynamic digital advertising space, we simply couldn’t do it without Sales & Orders.”

Ken Jacobus, Founder/CEO, Good Start Packaging
Sustainability (and Then Some)

The Sales & Orders team has leveraged our technology to not only create ideally-structured campaigns, but it also scales efficiency in campaign and bid management. With that, and being able to spot performance trends sooner, Good Start Packaging has been able to add thousands of dollars in additional ad spend year-over-year.

That added budget was well worth it. In 2016, Good Start Packaging experienced an over 200% growth in Conversions while revenues soared as well reaching nearly 115% in growth.