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Are your Google Shopping campaigns generating profit or are you just leaving money on the table at the end of every month, quarter, year?

As a Google Premier Partner, we are committed to revealing the truth behind your campaigns and showing you how we can take it to the next level.

We personalize every review we perform and tailor it to your business goals. We don't believe in "cookie-cutter" fluff. Just solid insight and value.

Your review is performed by a Certified Google Shopping Specialist who takes a deep dive into your campaigns and finds out how we can help you do more with Google Shopping.


A few insights to expect from your personalized review

We'll get to the heart of what you probably aren't seeing

Structural Integrity

The structure of your Shopping campaigns is crucial and is often why many campaigns fail. Your review will uncover ways to improve your structure for deepest granularity

Wasteful Spending

Understanding which products are winners and which are duds can be very difficult, but if you can't isolate wasteful spend then you won't be able to eliminate it altogether

Bid Modifiers

Whether it is by device, location, or even custom ad schedules, Bid Modifiers can directly impact your performance, but only if they are implemented and managed properly

Search Term Analysis

Finding product-level search terms is nearly impossible without our tech and you are probably wasting ad spend on terms that are not profitable or simply eating your budget

Advanced Filtering

Through passing your data through our platform we can combine metrics from not only Google Ads, but also Analytics and Merchant Center to hone in on true performance details

Synergy Products

Exclusive to our platform, Synergy unveils a hidden attribution model for Google Shopping campaigns which masks more sales than you may see on the surface of your reports

Reviews tailored specifically to your business

Custom Google Shopping scorecards reflect opportunities for improvement

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you connect to our Google Ads account?

So, there’s a couple ways we can do this. Most commonly, however, we will provide a unique email address which you can then add as an access role for your Google Ads account.

Additionally, by providing your Google Ads Customer ID (CID) we can send an invitation from our Multi-Client Center (MCC) and connect that way.

How long before I receive my personalized evaluation?

The typical turnaround time for a full account review is 48 hours which includes your first conversation with your dedicated specialist and ends with the delivery of your custom analysis.

Reports are delivered via email and are formatted as PDFs. Should you request further analysis then the delivery of your finalized report may take a little bit longer.

What makes your reviews so different from everybody else’s?

For starters, all evaluations are performed by experts in not only Google Shopping, but Google Ads and general E-Commerce as well. We’re not a one trick pony here.

We also have something nobody else does: our technology. Evaluations can include passing your data through our system so we can uncover things you won’t find elsewhere (including in Google Ads).

Is there any obligation to retain your services or sign up?

Absolutely not! We do not believe in contracts and we never hide behind hidden fees. Our evaluations are meant for one thing: helping you uncover the truth in your campaigns.

As a Google Premier Partner, we hold ourselves to the strictest of guidelines and highest of standards. We never, ever, make changes or adjust settings in your Google Ads account. EVER!