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Never be overpriced, ever again

With all those competitors on Google Shopping out there, how are you supposed to know if your pricing is what's affecting your performance?

Now imagine that data was right at your fingertips, refreshed automatically, and for every single product from Merchant Center.

Our Competitive Pricing Tool seeks out your competitors and shows you exactly where you stand, and what you can do about it.

Quick and simple setup with automated requests

Set rules for SKU-level price changes and export adjustment suggestions for your online store

Full onboarding and setup support

All you need is a Merchant Center account, an approved product feed, and GTINs on your products

Automatic requests

Choose weekly or monthly competitive pricing research calls

Custom filters

Filter groups of products and adjust strategies based on unique segments

Rule-based adjustments

Set rules to automate your price changes for any SKU you want to adjust

Export & upload

Export price change suggestions and upload to your E-Commerce store

How it works

SKU-level analytics

Track up to your Top 25 competitors product-by-product and review fluctuations in competitive pricing history

Filter, sort, toggle

Show all products or access only the products you want to focus on with custom filters and settings

Apply automation rules

Have your pricing adjusted automatically with an intuitive, fully configurable rules system

Queue up exports

Export price change suggestions as a .CSV file, ready to upload to your E-Commerce store

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use the full Sales & Orders suite to access Competitive Pricing?

Not at all! The Competitive Pricer only requires access to Merchant Center for your products and GTINs. You can use Pricer as a standalone tool.

However, to be able to use filtering and sorting functions based on Shopping ad performance (Clicks, Impressions, CTR) you would also need to connect to your Google Ads account

What does "fetches" or "frequency" mean?

Anytime an automated sync is performed for your pricing would be considered a fetch, and this is how base pricing plans are factored.

You can choose between monthly (once per month) or weekly (once per week) fetch frequencies. Use the toggle button above to view the difference in price.

Are there any minimums or contracts?

Absolutely not! Just as with all our plans/services we do not lock you into term contracts nor do we ever hide hidden fees or add charges based on ad spend.

All plans, for any subscription, work off of a month-to-month basis where you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime.

How do I use your suggestions to update my Google Shopping campaigns?

Our platform provides the automation and the tools to source competitor pricing at the SKU-level and adjust your prices within our app's interface.

Should you ever want to utilize suggested price changes, simply export a .CSV file and run a manual import for your E-Commerce store. To update prices on Google Shopping you would need to fetch your feed to ensure the price changes are reflected.

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