Who we are

We want to change the way retailers think and act about advertising
their products on the digital shelf

Then and now

We were once known as NewDynamx, an ecommerce design and development firm based out of Hicksville, Long Island NY. Our team built hundreds of ecommerce websites from 2009 and up until 2014 and we were one of the very first Interspire (what is now BigCommerce) partners.

Between 2011 and 2012, we launched the first-ever version of what is now Management Software for Google Shopping to coincide with Google’s official rebranding to Google Shopping.

As our full focus shifted to helping retailers manage and optimize their Google Shopping campaigns we realized the need for change. The market was changing and the landscape of ecommerce paid search advertising was too. We rebranded NewDynamx to Sales & Orders in late 2014.

What we're built on

When it's all said and done, we believe in doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons

No Jerks

We treat everyone in the same manner we wish to be treated


It’s pretty simple: honesty, all the time


We aim to deliver our own special brand of WOW to everyone


Feedback, whether positive or negative, is not only a privilege but an opportunity to drive change

Embrace The Journey

We are always mindful of where we are, what we are doing,
and where we are going

Our brand

Just as we believe in “doing the right thing,” all we ask is that you do the same with our brand and logo. Please don’t change or alter our logo in any way. Our logo should only be placed on either a white background or inverted on our choice of dark/navy blue (HEX #132646 )

Download the Sales & Orders logo collection

If you'd like to write about us, for us, or have questions regarding our brand assets, please contact our editorial staff

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